Laptop is not waking after sleep

I am relatively new to linux and I have faced an issue that I am yet to solve. Whenever my laptop suspends to ram and I try to use it again the RGB comes on but the screen will not turn on. I am dual booting windows so I don’t know if that will affect anything. I have installed the kernel 6.5 OEM to see if that would help but it does not have much of an effect.

this where i started on my long road to resolving suspend/resume issues on my computer

there may also be some module parameters you need to set in order for the nvidia card to write it’s VRAM to disk before you suspend, that way everything comes back up like it was before.


Also Plasma/Wayland/Nvidia - KDE Community Wiki

If is unresponsive (e.g you can’t switch to a tty using ctrl + alt + one of the 12 FN keys) and you need to force reboot, the output of journalctl -b -1 -p 4 on the next boot could be useful as it may contain the reason it didn’t come back on the previous boot

yes those are the ones, and following this procedure is was also the most helpful of the bunch