Laptop lid / screen lock

Hello doctor…

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My problem is related to screen locking and laptop lid closing.
I set lid to make computer to go to sleep when id is closed and after open the lid, screen would be locked.
After I close my lid, sleep enables 10 times out of 10, but lock enables only 1 time out of 4.
When I open the lid after ‘unsuccessful’ lock, but ‘successful’ sleep, I always get right mouse button clicked little window.
If I disable sleep in settings, and set to ‘do nothing’ or just lock screen, after opening the lid and getting to the desktop (or where ever I left before closing), touchpad goes crazy - mouse is moving perfectly, but it doesn’t react to clicks etc.
What is going on?..
Tuxedo OS2
Howdy installed and enabled…

That behavior is weird.

I think the most pertinent question is: are you using Wayland or X11? Did you check how it behaves with the other system?

I’m not familiar with Howdy (I didn’t know it existed up until the second I read your post), but it seems awfully related - perhaps it unlocks the screen so fast that you think it didn’t lock? Anyway, I’d try to see if the problem reproduces with Howdy disabled.

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Howdy is a must-have for a laptop with complex password :smile:
that’s why I started to check your suggestions directly from it. Disabled, logged out, logged in, closed the lid. NO CHANGE.
Which is good, because if the cause would be Howdy, that would be a catastrophe…
About the window system. It’s X11. I;m not this advanced linux user an do not know the options of changing the WS. but I’ll google and check it out. :muscle:

You should have the plasma-workspace-wayland package installed, then you should have the option of choosing a “Plasma (Wayland)” session from the login screen.

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I did, now I use Wayland. So far so good, but let’s not rush things, let’s do some lifespan using it and testing.
Tomorrow I’ll come back with results :wink:

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Well… I’LL BE DAMNED! :sweat_smile:
After two weeks of googling, chatgpt-ing, visiting psychic, mumbling ‘hare Krishna’, local computer manipulations and so on, which led to no success, I finally got rid of the issue :grin:
The power of forums…
gus77 ya da man, man! :pray: