Laptop with dock, laptop screen only on when lid is closed

I’m running Fedora 40 with the plasma desktop all updates installed. When I have it plugged in to the dock, all screens are on/active, even when the laptop lid is closed. If I open the lid the laptop screen switches off.
It seems the lid detection is inverted. I don’t have this issue when using gnome.
Is there a setting I can check to fix this?

Hm. When you say all screens are on/active, does that include the laptop screen as well? The opened laptop screen doesn’t happen to turn on if you try to adjust its brightness with the brightness key that your laptop presumably has somewhere along its function key row?

To get the current lid switch state, you can use a D-Bus client of your choice to query for UPower’s LidIsClosed property. With a terminal:

busctl get-property org.freedesktop.UPower /org/freedesktop/UPower org.freedesktop.UPower LidIsClosed

This prints b false for me as a result when the laptop screen is open. If things work for you on GNOME, I don’t anticipate this being incorrect, but better to check anyway.

Try to get system logs from Plasma’s PowerDevil service, as described in its README file. Detecting lid changes and asking for screen turn-on/off are both responsibilities of PowerDevil, and more verbose logs should at least tell you which DPMS requests were sent to KWin. Note specifically the lines in the log that start with DPMS:, those refer to turning the screen(s) on or off.

Thanks for reporting this, hopefully we can pin down the problem to a concrete spot.

Apologies for the late response. I have not yet had a chance to debug this further and have been using gnome.

There are a number of issues for me when using kde, this is just one. Another is problems when waking from a suspend when using the dock. There are also scaling issues with some older applications under wayland, also some java apps have inconsistent scaling with some fonts being correct other way way too small making the application not usable. This probably not helped by the fact I have one 4k monitor and one 1080 plugged in to the dock.

I have used kde for many years until last year when I gave gnome a try and all these issues went away, it just worked, but I prefer kde and just don’t like the way gnome works.

Thanks for the response I will take another look at this issue later this week and hopefully resolve at least some of the issues.

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