Latest KDE Neon open-vm-tools fails mounting shared host folders even with vmtoolsd service is started

I am running latest KDE Neon/Plasma 6 in Macbook pro as VMWare Fusion guest, using wayland. There are known issues related to the startup of the vmware-user-suid-wrapper under systemd and I am using the mitigation of addding user modification to the systemd service start of Type=forking.
The service is up and started apparently properly and copy/paste between host an guest work. However the shared folders are not visible under /mnt/hgfs, although fuse is started and the hgfs directory exists.
If I disable and enable again the shared folders from the VMWare control panel, the shared folders appear.

Are there any mitigations I can use to avoid manual disable/enable sharing and should I create a bug to bugzilla?