Launcher menu not updating (kmenu editor)

changes not reflecting and aslo resetting after restart.

started happening after a recent update

link to other post here → Launcher menu not updating (kmenu editor) - Applications - openSUSE Forums

alright, so i cant remove the items but i can add them
they just dont seem to want to disappear


Please be aware that, the KDE Plasma program starter (Application Launcher) is a dynamic menu – it’s composed from the desktop files of the installed applications.

  • Therefore, all the installed applications which have desktop files included in the package, will appear in the KDE Plasma Application Launcher.

What you can do is –

  • Open the KMenu Editor –
  • In the Settings Menu, choose “Configure KDE Menu Editor” –
  • In “General Options” – Enable “Show hidden entries”.

When you edit any particular entry, you can then enable the “Hidden entry” option.

  • When the last entry in any given Menu category has been hidden then, that Menu category will also disappear …