Libreoffice does not honour kde theme

I’ve been looking at Neon for a couple of days, and have noticed that Libreoffice does not honour the kde theme selected. All that can be changed is the icon set and background colour of the tabs. This doesn’t happen in Mint (also Ubuntu based) with Gnome desktop, or Fedora with KDE Plasma desktop. In both of those Libreoffice looks the same as all the other programs as it honours the KDE theme settings. Is there a way to get Neon to do the same?
The look of Libreoffice on Neon is seriously awful, it looks like Windows 95, or even XP.

Did you installed the integration packages for KDE (libreoffice-kde5/-kf5/-plasma/-qt5) ?

Did you check LO settings → View → Theme?

My looks pretty good

Also check Plasma System Settings > Appearance > Application Style > Configure GNOME/GTK Application Style…

Install install kde-gtk-config and breeze-gtk.

You may want to read this

Thank you @raphaeria. I installed the package and now Writer behaves correctly.

Thank you very much. :wink: