Libreoffice from ppa under plasma 6

Just to let you know: if you installed libreoffice from their launchpad ppa, and used kf5 integration, after updating to plasma 6, it won’t work anymore. You will have to install the gtk3 integration package for it to work again.

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or alternatively install the package via Flatpak from Libreoffice, where the integration into the KDE desktop also fits.


I am using Neon and installed libreoffice from discover, the flatpak version (

But the KDE integration doesn’t work, all the dialogues are Gnome windows. I am using Global Menu and I had to disable for libreoffice to have menus.

Is it necessary some configuration? Some additional packages?


Hi fonso,
in the version from the Libreoffice PPA for the version 7.6.5 there is no package with the name “libreoffice-kde”. This package does not seem to be available for the PPA version. KDE integration is only available for version 7.3.7.

libreoffice-kde/jammy-updates,jammy-updates,jammy-security,jammy-security 1:7.3.7-0ubuntu0.22.04.4 all
transitional package for LibreOffice KDE integration