License free music

Where can I get license-free music? Especially classical music. Is there good music that you can use in your videos without having to buy a license?

YouTube itself has got many titles for free. Not sure about classical music.

Hello @mottechy
do you know where I can find these free titles?

Sign up with YouTube > Go to Channel Dashboard (Studio) > Audio-Mediathek


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Found an interesting option. As I understand it, for free use.

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Note that royalty free music doesn’t necessarily mean no licence.

There are several license that are free as in free beer but still have a licence.

Hallo @Duha
Do you know if royalty free music is free to use? And how can you tell exactly what you can and can’t use?

Usually, sites like the one you mentioned have a terms and conditions page that explains what you are allowed to do and what not. My experience is that more often than not you are allowed to use them for personal use but must state where you got it from and who the artist is.

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Do you know where to get classical music or jazz that you can use without having to name the licensor?
So simply without conditions that can be accidentally overlooked?

Look at the license. If you don’t understand the license contact the author or ask us for help

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Kind of meta for Kdenlive, but anyway. I usually use

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Everything on seems to be public domain, so completely free to use.

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The music offer of, especially for classical music is huge - but unfortunately the quality is not satisfactory at all. If you don’t choose this: Member $55 per year
then the audio quality alone is very reduced. And the musical one is also often simple.
Too bad.