Light weight version of KDE with wayland support

I’ve found there is a lack of light weight wayland desktop environments which run well in VirtualBox. As KDE on wayland functions well on VirtualBox, I’d like to experiment with building KDE wayland from base Linux with the minimal set of components if such a KDE variant does not exist. Are there publicly available scripts or documentation on how to build KDE such as package install sequence and configuration?

My path to this point started with MS abandoning support for my notebook – no upgrade path after Windows 10 EOL in about 16 months. I started with a Debian/XORG/IceWM install and discovered XORG shares keypresses with all apps but wayland does not. This led me to labwc and sway on wayland but they have problems in VirtualBox. Debian KDE wayland however works just fine. My workflow depends upon the use of VMs so I like to decrease OS resources as much as possible. This led me to consider building up KDE or stripping away non-critical components.