Link to Discover Reviews

For me, that is the primary use case for a review - being able to share it. It’s a shame that we have a wealth of information which can’t be easily referenced - it can’t even be selected and copied.


Part of the challenge there is how reviews are actually handled - AFAIK (AFAICT from looking at Discover’s source code) it’s not a KDE service at all, but a GNOME service that is not able to be browsed or deep-linked to outside of how app stores currently communicate to it:

(This link is to an old scraping of that data, not current AFAIK, but explains some of the challenges)

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For me the review is about writing and reading it. I think the already thin development resources should be spent on more important stuff.

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Thanks, @johnandmegh. It does seem like some architectural improvements on their end are needed before KDE could even consider touching their current integration.