Linux Magazine dedicates the cover and their main article of their latest issue to Plasma 6

The 5000-word 8-page feature dives deep into why the version number jump (and why now), the current state of Plasma and KDE’s ecosystem of apps and frameworks and what it has to offer, and the changes pushing KDE’s software to new levels of efficiency, customization, and enhanced user experience.


So cool! It’s great to see placements in mainstream-ish journalism outlets like this.


Its a wonderful idea - - - you know - - - that putting information behind a paywall! Really helps on the information dissemination and assists the users in figuring out what’s going on!

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That’s how Linux Magazine keeps the lights on and continues to produce issues month after month.

If you have a better idea, do not hesitate to contact the publisher.

Edit: Not to be rude. I mean, if your business relies on selling written content, there are not many other ways to do this.


I’m a simple man, I see Plasma 6, I like.

Just ordered the print issue! Having something physical to sift through is nice for a change.


Could be a collector’s item in the future.


Is the magazine worth subscribing to otherwise for a non-IT GNU/Linux desktop user? I’ve often wondered.

Linux Magazine covers a wide range of topics and also many levels, from quite elementary end-usery stuff, to development and system administration.

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