Little Plant care App

Yesterday, I started building a little app that helps you take care of your plants.

it is still very much work in progress atm, hope you like it:))



Nifty! A few quick technical questions:

  1. Did you intend to commit your CMakeLists.txt.user?
  2. I saw a bit of Rust stuff in there - are you planning to build this with Rust in the future?
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I did not intent to commit that, Carl already removed it. I just missed it while cleaning up:))

I don’t think there is rust in this project, I don’t really now a lot about rust. What exactly do you mean?:thinking:

src/contents/diesel.toml · master · Mathis Brüchert / PowerPlant · GitLab and src/contents/src/ · master · Mathis Brüchert / PowerPlant · GitLab look pretty Rusty to me :slight_smile:

oh yea that file is auto generated by the database migration tool i am using. It’s originally for rust but works well in this context too.

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I made a few more MRs Merge requests · Mathis Brüchert / PowerPlant · GitLab


merged them just now:))

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As a daddy to a bunch of aromatics, that is a very cool app! Have you thought of maybe facilitating interfacing PowerPlant with Arduino-powered temperature and humidity sensors like the ones in the picture?


Sorry! Humidity sensors for plant pots look like this:


I have not yet but this could be an interesting task in the future:)

is there a standard system for that?


Carl added a lot of things the last few days.

  • you can now edit your plants

  • You can now also choose the plant’s icon form a userfriendly file picker

  • I added a few new plant images

  • you can now delete plants

  • you can now set the plant’s “date of Birth”


I’m not sure… But I am willing to investigate and figure it out. I will grab myself a sensor, do some research and let you know.


What would be nice is it can take a picture of plant and then figure out the color of leaf from it and figure out health :smile:

Android app I use does this, although it is bit of cloud backend.

Please do not change this into some client program that connects to some 3rd party server. The beauty of such an application is in the fact one can run it completely locally and offline.

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It can always remain optional :slight_smile:

could be kinda crudely done with the average color algorthm plasma uses for the wallpaper highlight color

but plants have different colors and the same color can mean different things on different plant species


Although I agree with the sentiment, a compromise could be to split out the plant database with pictures, requirements and other information about how to keep your plant healthy, and upload it to the KDE store, much in the way you can now get, say, Kdenlive effects from there. Other people could then add to it, or create their own databases.

I have looked for other house plant databases and there is not much at all. Creating a community of aficionados around an app will help bolster the userbase and, more importantly, actually contributes something useful to the common good.

That said, I am not the developer and have no idea how hard this could be.


As for the live humidity measuring project, I have the hardware I need

and I am going to start experimenting to see what these things actually measure and figure out how to properly calibrate them – there is very little literature and both these issues.

I am using the most basic, common and cheapest components I could find, so it is easy and cheap for everyone. My only luxury is the WiFi/BT component (far right), because I want to be able to read the measurements from my desktop computer,