Localizing Krita. How to approach pencil hardness and brush size?

I am localizing Krita into Czech and we don’t have pencils #1, #2 and #3 but use the international HB scale. However, it is not clear when the numbers in tool names correspond to either scale, as they seem inconsistent.


  • c) Pencil 1 Sketch (mypaint)
  • c) Pencil 2b (mypaint)
  • c) Pencil-2
  • Pencil 2B
  • Pencil HB

Also, does “Basic-5”, the default brush in Krita, or “3 brush”, correspond to this size scale?

And in “Tangent Normal”, does “normal” mean “right angle”? I know what “tangent” means mathematically but what does it mean in the context of digital art?

And what is “Angular church” and where is it in the program?

./krita/data/bundles/Krita_4_Default_Resources.bundle:paintoppresets/ c)_Pencil-2.kpp
./krita/data/bundles/Krita_3_Default_Resources.bundle:paintoppresets/ Pencil_2B.kpp
./krita/data/bundles/Krita_3_Default_Resources.bundle:paintoppresets/ Pencil_HB.kpp
./krita/data/bundles/Krita_3_Default_Resources.bundle:paintoppresets/ Tangent_normal_basic.kpp
./krita/data/bundles/Krita_3_Default_Resources.bundle:brushes/ A_Angular_church.gbr