Localizing Krita. What is "Woof Tissue"?

I am wondering what the Czech display name should be for the built-in texture 02b_WoofTissue.png. Can anyone explain what “woof tissue” is so that I can describe it in Czech? Picture attached.

Might add more weird ones as I encounter them.

Thank you. I was baffled by the lack of search results for “woof tissue”.

Anyway, no need for machine Czech translations, I can do better myself now that you’ve given a description. Tkáň is only really used in biology, the other translations of “tissue” are tkanina (fabric) and ubrousek (handkerchief). I’m going to go with vlnitá tkanina (wooly texture).

As for the context: I can use it for filling rectangles and everything else other textures can be used for. However, the likely intent is applying mild texture as an overlay.

First entry in English Wiktionary