Login script not working

I have a script, working if called from KDE menu, or from terminal, but not working as login script.
This is its content

espanso start --unmanaged

and the file (espanso-start.bash), of course, is executable.
The desktop file, in home/.config/autostart, has this content:

[Desktop Entry]
Name=espanso start

How could I add a screen-recording (from system settings - autostart)?

Try using the settings menu instead. Settings > autostart > add login script.

I was playing around with adding script in the directory when another user asked here on the forum a while back, and I found it to be unreliable to say the least.
IIRC we figured out using the gui to add the scirpt made it work all the time.

But I have used settings menu, of course!
The strange thing is that other autostart scripts works, but this one don’t.
Maybe because I use an appimage? But why, then, from a terminal and from KDE menu I can start the script?

I have never used that. Do they work like snaps? Create a bunch of loops?
If so, it could be that the loop is not setup yet when the login script is initialized.

Sorry, I have nothing more for you. :frowning: