Logout Screen Help

I am using Tuxedo OS which is using kde and I am having trouble when I go to logout screen, it is white no matter what theme I use, can someone please help or point me somewhere to fix?

are you changing the SDDM theme or the global theme?

click on the desktop and type SDDM … then go to the setting page from the search result.

i use monochrome which you can find by going to the Find new SDDM themes button and doing a search there

Have you tried changing the ssdm wallpaper yet?

You should be able to get the dark background with the help of the GUI by changing
System SettingsAppearanceGlobal Design
from one of the TUXEDO designs to a Breeze design.

That has changed it at least in my TUXEDO OS when I tried it 5 minutes ago…

Thank you guys for the tips but today I switched to Debian 12 using the same theme and no problem was able to change wallpaper and its dark blur like it supposed to be.