Looking for help to understand KDM starting process

H there !
I created a longtime ago a manager for nvidia drivers wrote in bash and using Yad as UI.
I recently introduced a feature that allows drivers to be loaded directly when the session is restarted.
It work nicely with lightdm and very probably with other dm using display-manager.service.
Alas, KDM doesn’t.
I’d really like to push this behaviour to KDE, but because I’m not familiar with KDE, I need some help from the KDE community to understand how KDM works.

Here, how the script works with display-manager service :

  • detection of dm kind.
  • patch of the proper dm service with a PreExec command.
  • when the driver is install/update, the script write a pid file in /run
  • at session restart, the PreExec command redirect to a dedicated script whitch inspect /run to find if there is a pid file or not.
  • if there is, drivers are reload using modprobe, then the dm start.

So, I need to know is there is a possibility to have the same behaviour with KDM and for this, knowing how KDM session start.

Here is the project : zenvidia

Thanks a lot per advance
(note : I’m not flawlessly english speaker)

Did you mean SDDM? KDM has been abandoned for a decade.

Yes, I found it out yesterday …
“Did you mean SDDM? KDM has been abandoned for a decade.”, yes, like I did for KDE. :smile:
Anyway, thanks for the answer.
My script already manage SDDM, so, there was solved already !

Please, don’t laugh to loud :disappointed: