Low frame rate on KDE 6

KDE 6 runs on low framerate (around 25-40 fps) and feels stuttery/not smooth.

Moving cursor feels laggy, opening and closing windows doesn’t feel smooth and scrolling web pages also feels laggy.

I have tried disabling blur and some other effects but still nothing much changed.

Any help would be appreciated.

PC Specs:

Ryzen 5 5500U

8GB Ram, 512GB SSD

X11 or Wayland or both?

Enable show fps effect from desktop effects to be sure. Probably this bug which is marked as resolved but it is not really.

Yes, tried both not much difference in framerate.

Yes I used ShowFPS and shows 25-40fps but rarely sometimes go to 50.

Same here (Ryzen 7 5700U, 24G RAM). ShowFPS indicates 40fps and everything feels sluggish (both Wayland and Xorg, though I’m usually on Xorg).

It is fixed on 6.0.1

It doesn’t seem so… I have 6.0.1 (Arch).

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I had a similar problem,
and what solved it for me was to increase the VRAM
in the BIOS

When I don’t touch mouse (not move cursor) it shows 60 FPS (my display have 60 Hz so it’s ok) but when moving cursor it drops to ~40 FPS… ?!

after update do 6.0.2 is better: ~120 FPS (no move), ~100 FPS with move.