Low panel disappears (but also up left right)

I don’t know what happened, but the applications panel etc. at the bottom after each reboot does not appear, I have to add a new panel, then I add icons programs I need, as I switch off and reboot, again it disappears, and I have to add a new one basic

Are there any other issues with the system, or just that?

Is the panel set to auto-hide?

Are you using Latte Dock or any other 3rd-party Panel system?

No others issue
I’ve tried everything
No autohide
It’s long time that I don’t add software or others
I just work with a text, the book that I’m writing, and no time to make stupid things

I forget no others Panel system

Hmm, I think we need a bit more information, then. Could you attach or link to a video recording of the issue happening?

Not much to film
Starting the laptop
Empty desktop
I right-click on the screen
I add Kubuntu default panel
Idem if I add system default panel (it’s the same)
Idem empty panel (and then manually add what is needed)
I work all day
I switch off
Start up
Empty desktop
The only thing that happened some time ago after start-up was freezing
I forced shutdown, power button pressed

The video would be helpful because it would let me see anything that looks unusual to me, but that doesn’t look unusual to you because you’ve gotten used to it so you didn’t think to mention it in any textual descriptions you write.

Today I had time and decided to film reboot closing access
Everything was fine
On the other hand, I had I don’t know how many empty overlapping panels I had, and one on top of all of them with the basic programme icons
I deleted the empty panels one by one
Now everything’s fine
NB there was an error message that was automatically sent, and I stupidly deleted instead of saving somewhere

I’ll try to find if somewhere there is a copy, in usual place there is not