Maintain KMyMoney Data on External Drive

Getting ready to refresh Windows 10 installation with new install. Intend to use a new SSD (so, KMyMoney should be retained on my original drive). Have backed up KMyMoney on a separate drive (just in case). I assume (like most programs) KMyMoney works best when installed directly on the C: drive. Can the data be stored on an external (e.g., not C:) drive, such as F:? If so, please point me to some instructions.

I must say I have no reason to think KMyMoney would work any differently installed other than on C:, but this is Windows, so sticking to C: is certainly the safe bet. As for the data file, it can indeed be anywhere the program can open it as a regular file. However, more on principal then on any specific knowledge, I would advise it to be a local drive, not a network drive. If you are doing a completely fresh install, then when you start KMM for the first time, instead of creating a new data file, just open the existing one. Doing File/Open should open a normal file finder, which you can use to navigate to the location of the file. Once you have done that once, the program always defaults to opening the last file it had open.

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Thanks for the quick response ostroffjh. I assume my stepwise process is,

  1. Backup my current data onto my local F: drive,
  2. Load a fresh version of KMM,
  3. Use the ‘file finder’ to navigate to my backup.
    From this I assume that it is not necessary to have KMM and the data files on the same drive.

That is correct. Nevertheless, KMyMoney stores the settings in a different file in the user’s home directory and that is very likely to be on the C: drive.