Make working on Falkon browser

Strange is the fact, that the page is not running on a default KDE browser like Falkon.
If I shared how to bring it working out of the box.

Solution was posted from"Tionisla@Tionisla" in the Mastodon chat at “2023-04-04 17:59:27” (thanks to @Tionisla)

@justinz @polyna @kde ok, just got back and got it working thanks to Justin🙂

As workaround for all who want to visit with KDE’s Falkon Browser:

Get into the Preferences for Falkon (ctrl+shift+,)
→ Extensions.
→ Choose “Adblock” then click on “Settings” button below the list of extensions.
→ “Custom Rules” Tab
→ Options → Add Rules
Enter: “||*.js

and next time you visit the discuss.kde page the message is gone. ymmv, tho

But, still to create/reply a topic is not working (you can only generate draft).


Hopefully Angelfish, Falkon and Konqueror soon get ported to Qt6 giving them a newer QtWebEngine so they work without workaround with Discourse.


Yep, I also hope some small issues at Falkon will be fixed. Like the not propper detection of Logins and the not so readeable logininformation at kWalletmanager5.
Additional it will be nice if AdBlock will be replaced by the better uBlock Origin :wink:


Make sure you put bug reports in for those, issues and feature requests tend to get lost in forums.


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Coming to you live from a Falkon Qt6 build!

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Crazy! I thought Discuss was down, as it just loaded infinitely…

tried it on both hardened Firefox and Mull… everything works on those, but KDE Discuss???

I am using LineageOS Jelly (a Chromium Wrapper!) and its bad.

Why guys??

Having a regular extensions API would be the best.