Make exceptions for night color in some apps

Hello there,

Is there any way to turn off night color automatically in some apps or some occasions like full screen??

System info:

Thanks in advance

No, not at the moment; you would have to turn it off manually, via a single click on the System Tray icon… What’s your use case?

I like to disable it automatically for example when opening some videos, YouTube, games and full screen of anything. I was using F.Lux on Windows using this feature, but I’d prefer to be an embedded feature.

Thanks. It would probably be possible to add a feature to automatically inhibit Night Color for full screen windows, or for a user-specified list of apps or window titles. Or perhaps instead the UI for this could be added as a thing that Window Rules can control! What do you think, @Ismael?

But for the moment, none of that exists.

That would be more of a kwin script/action thing than a window rule

Now I think I should really have submitted that talk about how window rules do not work the way most people think, but the other way around :smiley:

In general Window rules can only be applied on properties of the window itself, that get overridden by the one set in the rule. But they’re not meant or implemented as a “do this thing when this window appears”.

Gotcha, so I guess in Night Color itself we would need to expose a user-configurable list of apps and/or windows that would inhibit the effect systemwide when they’re in full screen mode. I don’t believe it’s feasible to opt out anything that’s not in full screen mode though.