Making task bar auto-hide immediately on cursor leave

I am using Arch Linux, KDE Plasma 6, Breeze Dark theme.

I have one task bar on the bottom of my screen, and it is set to auto-hide. However, when my cursor leaves this task bar, it waits a seemingly random time between 3 and 12 seconds before actually hiding. Is it possible to make it hide immediately with zero delay?

Interesting… you should record your desktop and post a video showing this issue. On my distro it’s about 2 seconds. I want the opposite because I have several browser windows that are grouped. When I hover over Firefox I get to see all the windows, but if my mouse moves off that list of windows, task manager goes down in 1 second which gives you no time if you’re moving along the list of windows and move off the list for 1 second. I’ll record and post it.

Have a look.

For some reason I can’t replicate my issue currently, now it consistently takes about two seconds to hide. In any case, I would like to find a way to remove the delay entirely. I will post a recording of my desktop if it happens again.