Maliit Keyboard Still Not Working KDE Plasma 6 Beta 2

I am running the Unstable edition of KDE Plasma because I was told that Maliit Keyboard would be fixed in Wayland in version 6. I acknowledge it may not have been fixed yet, but I have reached out with queries a couple of times in a couple of different ways a) Filing a bug b) Replying to a topic here. No one seems to want to update and being able to use a virtual keyboard on my 2 in 1 is very important to me. If this isn’t going to be fixed with the new update, I would rather know so I can look into another Distro where it does work.
Here is the issue that I keep having. The Keyboard opens once with the touch screen when enabled. Then when you scroll it down, it won’t re-open again. I love Neon, but I need to switch if this is not being fixed in the new edition as this seems to be ongoing for a while and is perhaps not a priority? Please do let me know. Would be deeply appreciated.

I think what you describe is a software behavior that was changed in Plasma 6 to to what you want.