Many windows render larger than expected


Many windows, usually child windows, appear to render at seemingly arbitrary sizes rather than their better minimum size, especially when rendering empty elements. Why is this?


  1. Vaults

    Default Size

    Minimum Size


  2. Print Queue

    Default Size

    Minimum Size


In the case of the printer thing: Because the developer set the minimum size too low.

In the case of Vaults: the window is a wizard; subsequent pages take up more space. You can see this if you go through it.


Thank you for responding for this I was struggling to word an answer to it

@ngraham, is there a way to easily fix this? I’d like to know because I’m developing something similar, and want to remediate it should I encounter that issue. I expect I shall when I implement another view.

Well, let’s brainstorm. What would you do? Consider drawbacks of every option you can think of.

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@ngraham, good idea!

…However, I haven’t been able to think of anything. Probably because I’m very new to Qt, and consequently inept at it RN. I’d probably just leave it, as those developers have (until I had the time to work on it).

Especially since I’ve not encountered it yet, it’s kind of difficult to guess when I don’t know what the issue could be. I was only asking in case you happened to have encountered this before and fixed it.

If I can think of anything, I’ll come back here and mention it. Although, in that case, I’d just make a PR to help them, rather than ask others to fix a minor issue I that I can.

@ngraham This is the legacy print queue viewer app (QtWidgets), I would assume the legacy configure-printer app has the same issue. Do we need to file bug?

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@noee Probably. A lot of old apps have excessively small default window sizes.

@rokejulianlockhart The reason you haven’t been able to think of anything is probably because there isn’t an obvious good answer for what to do here. Every potential change brings with it drawbacks.