Map Shift / Ctrl to Graphic Tablet Buttons

Hiya ^ _ ^

I’m trying to setup my Huion Kamvas 13 to use in Krita on Wayland (I’m on Fedora 39).

In the system settings it seems to not be possible to map Ctrl and Shift to the buttons without having other keys pressed as well (e.g. Shift-S)?

Ctrl is to quickly sample a color under the pointer and Shift changes the brush size, so this would really nice to have.

Am I doing something wrong?

(I could try to change these in Krita but since I have not been able to backup and restore Krita’s settings I’d rather do it in system settings since I need to set that up anyway).


Oh, paging @redstrate who has answered a similar question concerning mouse-clicks ^ _ ^

It looks like, for now, it’s not possible to rebind modifier keys to buttons in wayland; but the feature has already been merged in plasma 6, so it’s just a matter of waiting for the megarelease at the end of february.


Thanks for the reply!

Seems like I’ve been looking at the wrong bug-tracker, that’s so cool that it’ll be in Plasma 6, another reason to look forward to it! ^ _ ^

I solved it for now with Input-Remapper, thanks to MangooSalade over at krita-artists, who mentioned it. :+1: