Marble: Qt5.14.2 Cannot find application binary

When I used Qt5.14.2 to open the source code of a software named Marble, the compilation process went smoothly. But when packaging the apk, an error message appeared as shown in the figure, indicating that the application binary could not be found. Although I changed the Android system of various APIs, the problem has not been solved.

I’d appreciate if anyone could help.

Souce code: GitHub - KDE/marble: Virtual Globe and World Atlas that you can use to learn more about the Earth

JDK version: 8; Andriod SDK version : 25.2.5; Andriod NDK version: r20b
Andriod API : 21( Andriod 5.0.1 ), 29( Andriod10 ), 34

( From Qt Creator 4.11.0 (Community) )