Marknote, KDE's new note-keeping app, hits version 1.1.0

Read about this release on @carl’s blog.


Is that KDE logo, and the video on kde’s peertube some kind of joke?

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It looks like the joke is this totally unrelated food place being used in the context of KDE the free software community. Gotta admit it’s a little random and confusing though, even on April 1. But yay for empanadas!


Good job! I see “CLI interface to open a specific file directly (even outside of the Documents/Notes folder)” is mentioned in the roadmap, it would be nice if Marknote would be integrated into KRunner, then a note could be searched and copied to the clipboard for further use.

Or additionally, that they can be shown and accessed with a keyboard combo, like Clipboard items do with Meta+V.

(cc: @carl )

oh ok, I understand now, it’s that date when people are supposed to prank on each other.
And yes, those empanadas look tasty

Some more features I’d wish:

  • The ability to adjust the width of all columns (sidebar, note) The titles of both are truncated too soon/much)
  • Nested Notebooks (folder in a folder) , example: let’s say I want to create a “Linux” Notebook which should include “KDE Plasma”, “Distro”, “Commands”, etc.

interfacenya bersih dan keren. apakah bs diunduh lewat terminal ??

nice looking app but I can not find any button that shows me the markdown source code. Am I missing something? - I did not learn Markdown to end up clicking on formatting buttons