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Using KMyMoney master, i found that :

  • In the ledgers, the balance in the last line (bold) is the same as the last balance, in V 5.1.3 the bolded balance is the balance at the today date.
  • It seems that the tags input are not taken into acount when you use find a transaction, it works if the tag is an input of V5.1.3.

Can you give an example of when those two balances differ? I am pretty sure future scheduled transactions are not taken into account for the current balance. It is possible that whether entered transactions in the future are included changed between 5.1 and master, but I’d have to check the git log. In any case, you would need to explain why you think the current behavior is wrong, even if it has changed.

Can you give a specific example of the problem with tags in transaction search? I believe there are known issues with tags as part of the filter criteria in reports, and those issues may well affect search in the same way.

Master :

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In my opinion V5.1.3 showing the today balance is more usefull than Master which repeat the last (futur) balance. The 2 balances seam to bee exact.

If you tag a transaction in master and search for it by tag you won’t find it, then you can tag the same transaction in V5.1.3 and search for it in master and you will find it .

In 5.1.3 the tag (unfortunately) is attached to the split referencing the account which causes a lot of trouble in reporting tags. In master this has been changed that the tag is attached to split referencing the category. This also allows to add different tags to different splits in a split transaction.

It may have an impact on the search function which needs to be addressed. Thanks for reporting.

I am (somewhat) unable to duplicate the problem on master, as things are working for me as expected.


You can see, that the balance on the last transaction, the online balance and the balance below the ledger are all showing the same amount. On accounts that don’t have an online mapping it behaves the same for me.

In my case, the transactions between today and the day of last one are not scheduled, is that the différence whith your example which made the balance below the ledger equal to the one of the last transaction instead of the balance of the day ?

Yes, that would certainly make a difference and explain it. Now it is debatable which of the two versions is correct. Probably something based on personal taste.

Should it be subject to a configuration setting?
I was going to say which I preferred, but now I’m not sure, as this seems to open up a new question.
Showing the latest balance as of today is certainly reasonable. Including future transactions can be useful for planning, but which transactions? It seems the current master includes any actually entered future transactions, but still not scheduled transactions (which may or may not be shown in the ledger depending on configuration settings.)
But - you have complete control of the actual future transactions, and, if I remember, when you create one, you are asked if you want to just enter it or create it as a scheduled transaction. For recurring scheduled transactions, how many should be included, or how far into the future should be included? Some or all of those displayed in the ledger? A configurable range, possibly different from that for display?
I don’t really know how easy it would be to implement any of these.

Different from display would be more confusing, I think. For a look into the future including all those items we actually have Account/Show balance chart.

I have checked the source code on master (and also the behavior). The balance shown at the bottom right of the ledger always includes all entered transactions (no matter if in the past, present or future). Scheduled transactions are not part of the amount. Could it be, that the value is simply not updated in certain circumstances? What happens if you close KMyMoney and reopen it? Does the amount change?

I think you have correctly described the behavior. The bottom balance shows all entered transactions. Future scheduled transactions can be though of as displayed but not entered.
I don’t think anything needs doing right now, but I could imagine expanding the bottom numbers to show “Balance today” as separate from “Balance”
The issue with showing any future balance would be the potential difference of including “real” future transactions but not future scheduled transactions. The show balance chart can certainly be used, but I wonder how obvious it is whether/why that might show different numbers from the ledger.
I can imagine a further display on the bottom of “Projected Balance (dd/mm/yyyy) $xxx.xx” with configuration of the number of days in the future (which could be the same as number of days of schedules shown, so they stay consistent. However, I think that (or even much more discussion) can be left for the future.

I totally agree