Maximized windows go below Latte Dock in Wayland in Plasma 5.27.9

Latte Dock has been working fine in Wayland for months.

I am using the Unity layout.

After the recent 5.27.9 Plasma update, all the maximized windows go below the latte dock in Wayland.

The bug is absent in X11.

I am not sure if the bug is related to Latte or some other Plasma component (given that Latte was not updated, and it was working fine before the 5.27.9 update).

It turns out that I replaced latte-dock-git with latte-dock so that I don’t have to manually edit the PKGBUILD to utilize the renamed dependencies right before the update, and that caused the issue.

It got fixed after rebuilding latte-dock-git from the AUR.

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