Meanfully change the theme via color schemes

I am personally very much not a fan of the way dropdowns and buttons highlighted. I don’t like the fact that it’s using these weird glowy outlines. This may be the design language but it’s not to my liking.

I think it would be a good idea to allow changing the highlight outline and fill of these widgets via color schemes so that the user could get a solid highlight on mouseover or click. I want these to just be solid blue for example and I’d like to be able to configure that style via color schemes.

Current “outline”

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This will probably be possible eventually in Plasma 6. We’re in the middle of de-framing our selection highlights right now, and it will probably be possible to redo things such that people who want them back can re-add them via their color schemes’ “Hover Decoration” color. It was made for this.

See Selection highlight changes discussion (#32) · Issues · Teams / KDE Visual Design Group / Issues · GitLab