Meeting Notes: 2/2/2023

Plasma Mobile Gear 23.01:

  • Bhushan gave some suggestions, could incorporate if we need further releases for new apps

  • We should release PlasmaTube on Flathub

Blog post:

  • Dev log blog post every 2 months: gather everyone’s changes early

  • start an MR early to gather changes (right after previous blog post)

  • Should we offload most app news to the KDE Gear blog post?

  • Apps should have their main announcements in the Gear blog post

  • Blog post should be more focused on changes as devs implement them, rather than releases

Moving to KDE Gear: Move applications out of Plasma Mobile Gear to KDE Gear (#186) · Issues · Teams / Plasma Mobile / Issues · GitLab

What’s going on with Plasma 6/KF6??

  • Apps should attempt to support Qt 6, but NOT ditch their Qt 5 support yet

  • Plasma 6 work starts after 5.27.2 (3 weeks after release)


  • Talk with Harold about how we can better collect logs for Sentry, and track issues

  • Generally need to sit down to talk about improving our tooling for errors