Meeting Notes: 3/16/2023

Add your changes to blog post!

  • Try to finish blog post in two weeks?

  • Mobile blog post can be more technical and just list things that happened

  • Maybe move to monthly blog posts?

  • Make next blog post as soon as the previous one was posted

Mobile KCMs being moved to plasma-mobile repo

SCALE was nice!

  • Lots of people surprisingly had pinephones, were impressed with the performance of oneplus 6 and pinephone pro

  • Positive feedback overall, especially with shell changes

Dialer: reopen a task to introduce additional repo for the dbus xmls and daemons part

  • share with spacebar

  • any new releases need to be independent releases prior to plasma 6

  • had issues compiling for kf6 on CI with static library, need:

KF6: if you are using static library mark them as POSITION_INDEPENDENT_CODE (fPIC) see src/contacts/CMakeLists.txt · master · PIM / Kalendar · GitLab

Removing pop feedback sound from changing audio, less things to worry about…

Carl: helping with the incubation of Office / KLeverNotes · GitLab

  • Could replace Nota?

kirigami-addons needs new release

  • dialog textfield? maybe in the future

  • move mobileform away from labs

  • first should investigate desktop usage?

back gesture?

  • kirigami needs to support back gestures for android, could we leverage it for plasma mobile

mobile sprint?

  • why is devin on the west coast of the US :<, he can maybe attend once back in Canada for school

  • gauge interest, before or after akademy?

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