Meeting Notes: 3/8/2023

KF6 porting

Devin is at SCaLE 20x tomorrow

Alexey ported kirigami-addons to KF6 Fix KF6 build and deploy (!89) · Merge requests · Libraries / Kirigami Add-ons · GitLab

  • We need to support both Qt5/KF5 & Qt6/KF6 for now

KDE Gear is planning for switch to KF6/Qt6 for 23.12 (December)

  • So apps are on KF5/Qt5 until then (since we can’t support both with QML)

  • PlasmaTube was forgotten from 23.04! oops, can we sneak it in there??

Create blog post for March!

  • Dev log, avoid overlap with KDE Gear announcement