Menu entry for boot splash screen in KDE 5.27

I have Manjaro KDE installed on two machines. Both with 5.27.11, X11 SDDM.
One install shows KDE menu entry for “boot splash screen”, the other install does not have it.
Is the menu entry “boot splash screen” somewhere configurable in a setting conf file?

Sounds like one installation of yours has plymouth-kcm installed and the other not.

And you should probably take a few minutes to think if you actually WANT it installed.

Plymouth is known to cause trouble so a lot of people uninstall it, me included.

If you decide you do want it, above post is correct.
You also have to put a hook in mkinitcpio.conf and add quiet & splash to your grub.

Your are right, the one install where the menu entry was missing had no plymouth-kcm installed. Installation of this package added the menu entry.

@Bedna. I confirm I want plymouth installed. Actually it has always been working y well when following the manjaro bundle update instructions

Just make sure the hook in mkinitcpio and headers in grub is added by you (if not already there) because an installation will not do that for you, it will only give you access to the functionality, not actually activate it. (and plymouth is used at boot so you need to add hook, run sudo mkinitcpio -P, edit /etc/default/grub and then sudo update-grub for it to work properly.

All info is in the links I posted. :slight_smile:

I checked both installs and confirm hooks for plymouth are (were) set in ~/etc/mkinitcpio.conf . Also /etc/default/grub has “splash” set

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