Merkuro Calendar

Can someone confirm this problem I am seeing:
Merkuro Calendar 23.08.04 starting in Week view will start at next week instead of current date. Clicking the “Now” button will not make it jump to today’s date, it will only set the view to the current time in view. In 3 day view, all works as expected.

Before I file a bug report, can someone check if this is just me or a more general problem?

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i’ve had the problem with the current day jumping ahead to the next day after 12noon when i use the “now” button.

but i’m still using kalendar 22.04.3

disappointed to learn that the bug has morphed into the current week, rather than being fixed.

i would file a new bug report.

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Submitted bug report @

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Since this remains an issue, making Merkuro basically unusable, is there anyway to manually force setting week 1 to the week of jan 1, vs the first full week (which I think is the reason this is happening?)