Merkuro / KMail folders as local folders?

You might organise files into folders based on creation date - this idea is not for those.
If you don’t, you probably group your documents and files into folders based on topics/projects etc.
Mail clients also have folders for categorising mail, spearate from filesystem folders - it would help organisation if you could tie these folders to filesystem folders, either by

  • Creating custom shortcuts, this way Merkuro or KMail would permalink to the emails still on the server (like Mailspring has mailspring://thread…)
  • Using a custom folder as a backup solution for important mail. This way Merkuro could export the emails as files to this folder.

So you would have a one-click way to access the emails related to a group of files without having to manually export each one and copy the mbox files to the folder.


I’m assuming that, you’re referring to the “Date: ” field in the e-Mail header.
The local folder name could be based on either, a yearly or, monthly or, calendar-week or, daily scheme – the last 3 with a “year” prefix – to allow sorting on a yearly basis …

  • Some people may prefer the timestamp in the last “Received: ” field …

No, I mean that you can organise mail into folders/tags based category.
I don’t think that exporting emails into a folder based on date would make sense