Merkuro: Setup a Gmail account

I tried to give Merkuro a spin as an alternative to KMail on KDE Neon 6.

Sadly, I can’t manage to setup my Gmail account with it. Has anyone successfully done it?

I am aware the app is considered beta and not very much documented at this point, but I am willing to help brush some of its bugs up and provide user feedback. Provided I can get passed the account setup process.



First, welcome to the KDE Forums.

You possibly have to set up an App password within your GMail account.


Indeed. Somehow, I was expecting a Gmail integration similar to GNOME Online Accounts.

There was an option to use Gmail authentification, and I eventually got Akonadi registered as an authorized application. But Merkuro was still unable to communicate with the account and fetch emails.

Using the solution you proposed worked as expected.