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After getting a new keyboard, the meta key no longer opens the application launcher. Even trying the old keyboard, no dice.
The application launcher is bound to Alt+F1 and that does open it, I’ve even tried Meta+F1 and that works as well. However the meta key by itself won’t open the launcher. I’m at a loss. Any input would be appreciated.


On my Mac aluminum thin keyboard with the number pad it is the command key that raises the launcher. According to my search this is the Windows key on one of them keyboards when used with it. There are options in the System Settings → Input Devices → Keyboard in the Advanced tab then Alt and Win behavior to choose how you want them set.

Edit: And by used with it, I mean the key code it sends is that equivalent to any OS picking it up as in Linux in this case, just to be perfectly clear about it.

Thanks for the input, however no other key is being treated as the meta key. The “windows” key is the meta key on this keyboard. It still works when pressing “Meta + E” to open dolphin, for example. Other meta key combo shortcuts work. The modifier only shortcut to get meta to open the application launcher is not working however.

Indeed you do have a strange one going there which I have no clue how to solve then. I had thought something had hijacked it in those settings.

I’m having the same issue on Arch since today, after upgrading Plasma to 5.27.10. Have you managed to fix yours?

Are you running X11 or Wayland? I cannot reproduce on Arch+Wayland also upgraded today.

Can you manually add the Meta shortcut here in the systemsettings?

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The KDE UserBase article covering this issue is here: <>

  • You both seem to be saying that, you’ve followed the instructions in the UserBase article.
    Please be aware that, you may have to log out and then, log back in again to the Plasma session to make the setting take effect.

  • Does this issue also occur with a new, fresh, Test user on your system?
    Before a new, fresh, test user logs into any given system, the contents of their Home directory is only that of ‘/etc/skel/’ …

  • If a new, fresh, Test user doesn’t suffer from the issue you’re describing then, the affected user’s issue could be contents of that user’s ‘~/.cache/’ directory.
    The affected user can logout – clear out their ‘~/.cache/’ directory from a VT session and then, log back in again.

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I have fixed the error by adding


to ~/.config/kwinrc (I mistakenly removed it in my attempts to fix it) and restarting Plasma session.