Meta/Super Shortcuts produce weird chars

Hi Mates,

I’ve updated my Arch these days (Desktop and Notebook) and now all my Meta+x shortcuts (used by xbindkeys) are broken.

In all KDE apps like Konsole:

$ cat -

Here I’ve pressed Meta+l and Meta+c

Any ideas how I can get xbindkeys back working?
I use it mostly to active specific windows

"/usr/bin/activateWin Konsole"

It works well if I have the focus on a not-kde app like Thunderbird or Brave.

Thx :wink:

I am also working with Arch, but I am pretty sure that xbindkeys uses X. So only X sessions (I think XWayland too) can send keys to xbindkeys.
With the KDE 6 update, the plasma-session-x11 and plasma-session-wayland were removed, now there is plasma-workspace.
So the default session is Wayland, but Brave or Thunderbird may still use X11 (XWayland). The result of that is that the KDE Apps (that run under native Wayland) aren’t supported by xbindkeys (as it needs X11 and not Wayland), but all apps that run under X11 (or XWayland) are supported by xbindkeys as they all have the X server.
The solution for this problem might be to just use KDE’s system settings. There you can, under Keyboard > Shortcuts, define a new shortcut that is linked to a shell script which activates that window.

Ahh that makes totally sense. Tank you.

But this narrows down to: How to activate a wayland window by title.
I’ve used wmctl for this but it list only windows of XWayland so I can not activate ie Konsole.

I’ve googled around and did not find a way to do it.