Middle click on firefox tabs/title bar to put it under other windows


Is there a possibility to put firefox window in the background with a middle click on the tabs/title bar just like the other windows?
For now this only creates a new tab.

tabs belong to firefox and are only under their control for what hotkeys do what… they are fixed and not configurable as far as i can tell.

for me middle clicking on a tab cause it to close and middle clicking on the space next to a tab cause it open a new tab.

this is all under the control of firefox

the title bar (if you have it turned on via customize toolbar settings in firefox) is a different matter and is under the control of the window manager (kwin usually) which you can control to some extent.

click on the desktop, type “window behavior” and go to the settings page from the search result… under the titlebar actions tab, you can set middle click to lower the window.

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The ‘tabs/title’ bar is not part of Kwin.

A middle-click to the right of tabs indeed should open a fresh tab. You do not have the titlebar enabled (Firefox is not a QT window).

To enable Kwin ‘push to back’ you must enable :heavy_check_mark:Titlebar in customisation settings.

(context menu - customize toolbar)

2023-12-30 17:43:12

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Thanks to all.
It’s a shame