Migrating an old KWin script

Hello, I wanted to debug a script with the objective to make it working again but after days of test and debugging I found nothing…

My current code is right here : GitHub - bouteillerAlan/kwin-forceblur at feat/upgrade-to-new-guidelines

I have made a blog post about my research just here if you want to check what I have tested. I’m not going to rewrite everything to avoid creating a post that’s too long.

Do you have any hint for me ? I’m completely lost :confused:

The behaviour of the problem is the following :

  • Since I know that the script work well with kitty in the past, I have added kitty on the target list.
  • When kitty is already open, and I turn off and on the script, the console is blurred. So, already created windows works fine when the script is reactivated via the kwin settings.
  • When the script is active, and I pop a new kitty window, the window is not blurred.
  • If I execute the command directly in my terminal, the targeted window is blurred.

If you need more details, tell me :slight_smile:

(I’m not sure about the title of my post btw)