Miordmiro's dark blurry immersive plasma - Wallpaper Submission - for You

because iam in love with garuda linux and their awesome hot community iam ready to share my wallpaper, its the recreation of Malefor to Malefor-X because Malefor-X gives in my opinion the better feeling of a dark blurry immersive plasma feeling :wink: uhm and yeah both are from me Miordmiro, iam so scared to go this step its 1 click away haha :smiley:

the dragon is a pencil sketch with the mind that stablity meets performance and then i set the background color to winered with an overlay, the eye color is a collection of cherrypicked colors to fit with the background color and make them more available
thank you for introduce my work and have a nice week and an awesome contest together :heart:


the image seems to be showing AI generation artifacts. Going through your deviantart profile, it seems like you have clearly used AI generation before, even inserting “AI” in the titles. Because of that, I’m inclined to believe this was generated with AI, which is against the rules.
If this is not the case, I’m extremely sorry for making you go through this; would you be able to provide proof that you created the wallpaper from scratch without AI tools, such as source files or sketches?
If you prefer, we can go through this privately; just email me at niccolo.venerandi@kde.org.



The wallpaper must be original,
created specifically for this contest.

Therefore, no submissions using AI art will be accepted.