Missing add new panel option

I just installed CachyOS and moved the defauklt panel to the top like I always do. I then went to add my two empty panels to the bottom and the right side and when I right-click the desktop there is no option to add more panels. I went through settings, edit mode on the main panel and nothing. I finally rebooted in to Garuda where I have all 3 panels and right-clicked the desktop and the option to add more panels is missing there as well. This behavior is in both x11 and Wayland in Plasma 6.0.5 on a fully updated Arch based OS’s.

After I created this thread I did my roommates updates and he still has the option after being update to Plasma 6.05 and he’s on Garuda. The only thing I can think of is his Garuda install is from their 10292023 ISO where mine is from a very recent test ISO that already had Plasma 6.0.0.

Can you try if this works with a new user?

OK just created a secondary Admin account and logged into it and create new panel is missing there as well. This is something with the 6.0.5 update.

See the 5th post here. Looks like for some reason the update unchecked a few items. Fixed now.

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Git to love the fact that the devs NEVER weighed in on this, NOT.