Missing annoyances in the "background services systemsettings KCM"

I just tried and Plasma6 on Fedora (Guide) and it is totally great! Still design-wise a bit inconsistent but just worked in my experience.

The new sorting is… interesting. I guess it makes sense though, and is waaaay more discoverable! Great job here!

But what I saw is that problems I often deal with, annoying background processes, are not shown.

I am a bit involved in Secureblue, a security-hardened Linux Distro based on Fedora Atomic. They disable CUPS and kde-connect by uninstalling all the packages, because kde-connect cannot be disabled easily. CUPS can, as it uses systemd.

But missing in my experience from the “background services” page:

  • cups
  • kde-connect
  • geoclue
  • discover-notifier

All these can be very annoying, running in the background. Maybe placing Baloo there would also drastically help disable it, as it already caused issues on OSTree filesystems.

Currently there are no normal ways to disable kdeconnect, geoclue and discover-notifier, at least afaik.

How do you solve these problems, and what do you think of placing these elements there?

The latter two are just .desktop files in /etc/xdg/autostart, that you can disable by placing an empty file with the same name in ~/.config/autostart.

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true, they are all there. CUPS is a systemd service. Would be great if it was possible to edit all these on/off in the GUI?