Missing basic features

Kdenlive missing basic and needed features.
Can’t create text Bold or Italic.
Line spacing(space in between many text lines) and words spacing(space in between two or more words) missing.
What does it mean for such a big program to not have these features?

Hmm, where are you looking? The title clip creation app has all these features.



Being able to type in a text box with the text wrapping inside the box is what you should be asking for :wink:

Not showing these features for subtitles.

Ok, now we are getting somewhere. Instead of a generic rant you should have specified that it is subtitles where you are missing those features.

But let me ask you this: Is there a subtitle generator or a video editing program out there that has all that? Do you have to pay for it?

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Can you integrate these features in further updates?

Actually subtitles are created with the function of FFMPEG as srt files. This type of subtitles are very limited to formatting text.

There are plans to implement “ASS” subtitles which gives more possibility of text formatting. But there is no timeline by when this well be implemented.

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