Missing Calendars when creating a New Event

I thought this more appropriate as a Gitlab issue, but was unable to create one here PIM / KOrganizer · GitLab, so posting this issue here to seek help.

I can add Calendars to Korganizer, and all my Calendars appear in the bottom left hand corner (as expected), but when creating a New Event I select the Calender drop-down menu and not all of my Calendars are listed there.

Is there a Korganizer setting to get them all to appear or is this a software implementation issue and really does belong as a Gitlab issue?

Thanks for any help.


Do you mean something like the following?

Yes, the setup is a little bit picky – my current setup has Calendars which look like this –

But, the definition of each individual Calendar takes time –

  1. Define a new Calendar.
  2. Set the desired Calendar name.
  3. Wait a minute or so and check that, everything was OK.
  4. Define the next Calendar …

P.S. No apologies for the system’s language and location … :upside_down_face:

Yes, these screen shots are exactly what I’m talking about. I add DAV & Etesync calendars, which all appear in the bottom left hand corner, but when adding a New Event most of them are missing from that drop down menu.

I just double checked, as I was going to file a bug for Korganizer, and all of the calendars do appear there. The confusion was that both the Calendars and Tasks lists were grouped in the bottom left hand side but all the Calendars do indeed appear in the New Events drop-down menu.

This is now solved.