MixClips with slide-out/slide-in transition


I want to create a slideshow of images that will slide-out and slide-in one after the other like in a real old-school 35mm slide show.

From my experimentation, the only way I managed to achieve this is by using two video tracks and alternate each image on each track, each one with a slide-in and slide-out effect on its end, overlapping the images for 1 second each.
It would be much easier if the same effect can be achieved by using all images in the same track and activating MixClips feature.
This is my current timeline which works

See the video of the desired effect here: 403211971_24304052582542865_2889527323369682583_n.mp4

Is it possible to use MixClips to achieve the desired transition effect? I couldn’t manage to do it. If I select slide as the effect for MixClip, only the previous image will slide, but no the next one.


Put all clips in one track next to each other. Let’s say we have Clip1, Clip2, and Clip3. Select the first two (Clips1 and Clip2) and click on Mix Clips or press U. Select the next two (Clip2 and Clip3) and press U again. Select the inserted transitions/compositions and in the composition stack select Slide Right. Done.

This does not produce the same effect, as the Slide right effect will apply only on the next clip, but I want the same effect to apply to the ending of the previous clip as well. So one clip will go out of the scene, while the other clip will enter the scene (check the video attached in the 1st post).

Ok, got it. Then use Push Right in the Mix Clip transition/composition … :wink:

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Thanks a lot! Missed that Push effect entirely. That was exactly what I needed. You made my work much simpler now.