Module "org.kde.kirigami" is not installed

import org.kde.kirigami as Kirigami
qt.dbus.integration: Could not connect "org.freedesktop.IBus" to globalEngineChanged(QString)
QQmlApplicationEngine failed to load component
file:///home/rokejulianlockhart/RTBJK9/code/manage_monitors/code/attempts/1 (QML)/manage_monitors-0/ui/main.qml:10:1: module "org.kde.kirigami" is not installed
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This means you need to install Kirigami. :slight_smile: Or if you already have it, then you need to install its companion dev package.



@ngraham, any idea of what the package name might be? Or better yet, which exact filenames I can query my distribution’s repositories for, like a .so?

Without knowing which distro you’re using, not really. And even then, I’m no tfamiliar with the packaging details of every distro. You can try searching for “kirigami” using your package manager.

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Thanks, but I have at least tried that.

Do you know whether there’s at least a specific binary I can search for with cnf that would identify Kirigami and/or its development counterpart? If not, do you know of any distributions that definitely do package Kirigami?

I have a feeling that it’s a dependency that’s erroneously not packaged by OpenSUSE factory, since MyGNUHealth reports it as unavailable, too:

At this point, it seems like a good question for your distro.

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Not much success there for this kind of question. I suppose I’ll just have to wait. Thanks.

I’ve at least asked more directly:

It turns out that kirigami2 is installed, just not kirigami:

Is kirigami necessary too?

at least worked for MyGNUHealth. Considering

it might be the solution, or part of it.

Next time, mention you’re working with PySide (2 or 6) and the distro you’re using in the first message, otherwise commenters won’t be able to help you. There is clearly an XY problem here too.

Did you see Linux applications with Python and QML – – Notes on technology and freedom ? This is the best documentation we have right now, as [ci skip]Adding PySide. (!270) · Merge requests · Documentation / Developer Tutorial and Article Site · GitLab isn’t finished.

If you’re creating your own application with PySide2 and you want to package it, you’ll need to install python3-pyside2-devel and kirigami2-devel on openSUSE, as pip won’t work for this.

If you’re creating your app with PySide6, I believe it’s expected that you won’t find Kirigami, because your app will search for Kirigami built with Qt6. You’d need to manually point to self-built Kirigami (with the generated I have a blog post about this that is mostly ready, but I’m currently busy with something else.

Nope. I think that package is just there for compatibility purposes.