Monitor Audio In

Kdenlive 23.08.5, win10, how can I monitor the audio input, or send the audio input to the output. Audio track is connected to virtual cable, records the audio in, and plays the recorded audio back through a different device. How can I send the audio-in to audio-out without having to record the audio and play it back, e.g. monitor the audio.

Audio bus system and routing is on the to do list Audio Routing | Channel Mapping (#754) · Issues · Multimedia / Kdenlive · GitLab.

What would be your workflow for audio?

Adding audio to a track from an instrument, or doing voice–overs, and monitoring the recorded sound in real time. It can be accomplished by running the instrument into Voicemeeter, with Voicemeeter outputting the signal to external monitor speakers and Kdenlive’s audio-in. But it’s another layer of software that burdens the system and adds latency.

Yes, Kdenlive is definitely no DAW. Implementation of such audio workflow could happen in the future. Please switch this tread to “Brainstorm” so we can track it as such.